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Zbigniew Boniek about the bookmaker scandal. Nikola Zalewski will fight for big money

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Nikola Zalewski said he would file a lawsuit against Fabrizio Corona after his informant admitted that he made up a story about his involvement in a bookmaking scandal. Now Zbigniew Boniek reveals the details. We know what the Roma player is planning.

Recently, the media went into a frenzy after information about a betting scandal in Italian football surfaced. The first to be punished was Nicolo Fagioli from Juventus, who was disqualified for 12 months, five of which will be spent on compulsory treatment for gambling addiction. In addition, the football player must pay 12,500 zlotys. euro fine. In addition, Sandro Tonali, disqualified for 10 months (8 of which he is in therapy), and Nicolo Zaniolo, recently interrogated, are involved in the scandal.

Bookmaker scandal. Nikola Zalewski announced the trial

Fabrizio Corona, who exposed this practice, also named Nikola Zalewski and Stefan El-Shaarawy as participants in the bookmaking scandal. However, as it later turned out, the journalist’s informant publicly admitted that he had made up a version about the Roma player’s involvement in this scandal.

Despite this, the Crown has not changed its opinion and still claims that the Polish representative has been involved in gambling for many years and has irrefutable evidence of this. The football player’s lawyers immediately reacted to these words and announced that they would file a lawsuit against the journalist. In a statement sent to Italian news agency ANSA, they said their client rules out any involvement in the cases he is accused of.

Zbigniew Boniek reports. Nikola Zalewski will fight for big money

Now Zbigniew Boniek spoke in more detail about the movements of Nikola Zalewski on the Sportowy channel. The UEFA vice-president said in an interview with Mateusz Borek that his circle is working on the claim.

“I talked to his manager two days ago. According to him, they are already preparing a lawsuit. I heard they wanted 10 million euros. Something needs to be done about this. If they didn’t file the claim, that would mean they were accepting it, he said.

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