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We know what happened to Marcin Janusz. ZAKSA coach explained everything

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Marcin Janusz missed the match between ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle and Indikpol AZS Olsztyn, which caused a wave of speculation about the defender’s health. The coach of the Polish woman who took second place explained everything.

In the third round of the PlusLiga, ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle was without Marcin Janusz, which greatly worried the fans of both this team and the fans of the Polish national team. How serious is the defender’s injury? The coach of the European champions, Tuomas Sammelvuo, decided to speak out on this matter.

What about Marcin Janusz’s health?

Health problems with the volleyball player could be observed already in the previous match of the Kędzierzyn team, when they met with PSG Stal Nysa. The match was decided by tiebreaker and ended just after midnight. However, the club did not specify whether the 29-year-old footballer’s injury was serious or vice versa. However, his absence from the court in the next match, when the second-placed Poles played Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, was significant.

The hosts won quite easily with a score of 3:0, and after the match Tuomas Sammelvuo commented on Marcin Janusz in a short conversation with the website sportfakty.wp.pl. – Nothing serious is happening. We decided that this time he would stay home and focus on regeneration. He has a very long international season behind him. Therefore, we decided that it would be better if he rested and returned to work fully ready on Monday,” explained ZAKSA coach Kedzierzyn-Kozle.

The coach calmed down about Marcin Janusz

– Marcin has no serious health problems. I hope he comes to the next training session,” added the coach from Finland. He stressed that the availability of the entire team will be very important to him in the coming weeks. Just like the fact that next week ZAKS will have a little more time for quiet work. “We must make good use of this period,” he said.

In the absence of Marcin Janusz, Przemysław Stempien appeared in the starting line-up. After the match, Tumoas Sammelvuo was very pleased with the performance of the reserve defender. “I’m pleased with how the whole team performed.” In this match, their mutual assistance was important, he concluded.

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Source: Wprost

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