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Nikola Grbic calmed down after tournament draw AND ABOUT. “I want us to quickly reach the Olympics”

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Both Polish volleyball teams faced rivals for the Olympic Games in Paris. Unlike women, men have nothing to worry about. It seems that the most difficult opponent may be themselves. Nikola Grbic calmly looks at the fight for tickets to the French capital.

Fans of the Polish national volleyball team have been waiting for a long time for the group draw of the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Paris. Women will compete for promotion in front of their own audience. The gentlemen will go to China, where, in theory, they should not have any problems with access to next year’s tournament in France.

Nikola Grbic after the draw for the group qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Paris

The Poles will fight in China with the hosts and Argentina, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Bulgaria. Theoretically, it does not seem that one of the opponents threatened the white-reds and prevented them from advancing. Social media is dominated by words of peace and joy from a randomly selected group. The level of the tournament in China was also noted by Nikola Grbic. In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet, the coach of the national team emphasized that the most important goal is to win the qualification as soon as possible so that next year we don’t have to exert ourselves unnecessarily.

– On paper, we do not have such a strong group as in Brazil, but I still want us to prepare as much as possible for this fight and quickly reach the Olympics, so that later we can focus only on the best preparation for them, without waiting for the end of the League of Nations next year, when the FIVB ranking will determine the remaining five Olympians, – said the Serbian coach.

The most dangerous rivals of the Polish volleyball team in China

The strongest opponents seem to be the Argentines and the Dutch. The first are sensational Olympic bronze medalists from Tokyo. The players, led by the current coach of Yastrzhebsky Vengel, Marcelo Mendes, on the way to success defeated, among other things, the Italians or the eternal rivals, the Brazilians. For many years, the key figure of the team was the defender Kuchin Lube Civitanova Luciano De Cecco.

In turn, the Dutch are counting primarily on Halkbank Ankara striker Nimir Abdelaziz. The qualifying tournament will be held from September 30 to October 8.

Source: Onet Sport Review

Source: Wprost

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