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David Kubatsky spoke openly about what happened to him. “I couldn’t walk”

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David Kubacki took eighth place in the qualification for the competition in Planica. This is a very good result, especially since it was not known whether a jumper would appear on the beam at all. After Friday’s jumps, the vice-leader of the World Cup spoke frankly about what was happening to him.

On Saturday, February 25, competitions will take place as part of the World Championship in Planica. On the eve of the qualification, in which the white-red did not shine. None of them made it to the podium, and the best was David Kubacki, who took eighth place. Right behind him, in 10th and 11th places, Petr Zyla and Kamil Stoch returned after the break. Pavel Vansek finished 15th and Alexander Zniszol finished 23rd.

Health of David Kubatsky. “I couldn’t walk”

Two days ago, David Kubacki did not show up for training, which caused great concern for the health of the jumper. Although coach Thomas Turnbichler assured that this was nothing serious, the performance of the 32-year-old footballer was a big question mark. Only on Friday, February 24, the Polish Ski Association announced that the athlete was ready to start in a trial series of qualifications for the World Championships in Planica.

Interia journalists talked to the jumper from Novy Targ about his ailments. He replied that the fact that he appeared on the hill is the best indicator of what we managed to do. “Two days ago I couldn’t walk. I am very glad that I was able to make two jumps and nothing came of it, he said.

David Kubacki: I was very worried if I could jump in Planica

In the conversation, David Kubatsky emphasized the role of the doctor and physiotherapist in his recovery. “What has been done to me since the problem arose is amazing. It was very bad. I was very worried about whether I could even jump in Planica, he said.

Fortunately, the MRI performed by David Kubatsky showed nothing, and the jumper was able to return to training and jumping. In addition, the player himself admitted that on Friday he did not give all his best. – I came to the hill not to fight for distances, but to jump 70-80 percent, – he concluded.

Source: Interia

Source: Wprost

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