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The mural depicting Iga Sviontek is ready. It just needs to be seen

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Iga Sviontek received her mural in Raszyn. Photos of Dominik Kowalczyk’s work appeared on social networks.

Iga Sviontek is behind the space season. The pride of Polish tennis has not been working for several days and soon, like most Poles, will support our players during the World Championship in Qatar. Residents of the city honored the 21-year-old tennis player from Rashin. In one of the elementary schools, her mural was created, which has just been completed.

The fresco by Iga Swiatek was created in Raszyn.

A mural depicting the leader of the WTA world ranking was created on the wall of the elementary school. Cyprian Godebsky in Raszyn. The KS Raszyn club and the “Projekt Raszyn” association took the initiative to create the work. The local community wants to celebrate Iga Swiatek for her contribution to Polish and world tennis.

In the 2021/22 season, the Polish woman won eight WTA tournaments, including two Grand Slams, making her the best tennis player in the world at the moment. It is not known whether the 21-year-old Rashi citizen has already seen this mural, but his photos have already appeared on social networks.

Mural Creator: It took a long time

The mural was created by the artist Dominik Kowalczyk. A few weeks ago, in an interview with Telewizja Pruszków, the man admitted that several concepts had changed during the creation of the piece.

“At first we looked for photos on the Internet. It took a while because many people had to accept it along the way. In the end, we chose one photo, but our plans for showing the face changed a bit. Iga’s smile will not be on the mural, but we will show her courage, the artist said.

Source: Twitter // Pruszkow TV

Source: Wprost

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