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Artur Boruc about fans attacking coach with Legia players: It was a long time ago, I don’t remember anything

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When asked if he, as a team captain and a fan icon, could stand up for his teammates, Boruk could not answer directly.

– I don’t remember, really. That was a long time ago. Leave it like that, said the goalkeeper.

However, his colleagues will not forget the coach’s events for a long time to come. Emreli and Luquinhas did not play for Legia after them, although the team played two more matches in December. “I will never forgive what was done to my husband today,” the Brazilian’s wife wrote on Twitter.

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The testimonies of witnesses who decided to break the silence were also shocking.

– When we were returning from Plock to the training base, we were stopped by a group of 20-30 fans. We quickly realized that the situation was boring. They started to get on the bus, no one expected this. The first person to enter started screaming loudly. I felt like a hostage. The rest, wearing masks, followed him. They walked slowly along the bus and then started screaming. I thought it would be crap. During these events, they shot down two of their teammates. At some point, the police arrived. I confess, I didn’t know how to behave,” Igor Charatin (27) recalled in the Ukrainian Kick and Run program on YouTube.

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Source: FAKT

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