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“The country is waiting for a request from new faces”: Pelyukhovsky on changes in the perception of politics by Ukrainians

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Leader of the “Strength of the Nation” party Andrei Pelyukhovsky in his article “Political Reset”, he concludes that “the old state – the one that was founded in 1991, no longer exists. She is no longer able to perform her functions effectively. Corruption, bloated bureaucracy, ineffective government institutions, zero influence on global processes, lack of a development strategy, and most importantly, lies and injustice that have prevailed over the past thirty years have made the Ukraine of 1991 “an unviable organism in need of a radical restructuring.”

“At the same time, a demand appeared for a completely new state: innovative, influential, authoritative, logically thought out, rational, with clear plans for the medium and long term, a state with high ambitions in the world.”– says Pelyukhovsky.

As an example, he cites Charles de Gaulle, who ten years after the end of World War II re-established France – proclaimed the “Fifth Republic”.

Current politicians, according to Andrei Pelyukhovsky, have ceased to feel society, have moved away from society, and therefore the country is awaiting a demand for new faces, new politicians and a new quality of politics. Ordinary citizens have a request for a completely different state, with different politicians and a different system of relationships.


“If we are talking about a qualitatively new state, this means that there should be no place in it for discredited politicians, whose main goal was not the public good, but as quickly as possible to stick to the feeding trough, the state budget, the “schematosis,” the author added.



Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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