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People’s Deputy Tishchenko set the police on investigative journalists after a scandalous interview

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People’s Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko got into a new scandal in Uzhgorod, where he complained to the police about harassment by journalists from Ukrainskaya Pravda (the other day the publication published devastating material about politics). Therefore, law enforcement officers visited the hotel room of Mikhail Tkach’s team in the middle of the night.

A well-known investigator spoke about this in a video on Facebook.

“Hotel. 2:40 am. Several police crews and civilian vehicles began to line up around the hotel where our film crew was staying,” – said Tkach.

Then the police knocked on the door of the room and asked for documents.


According to them, the MP reported that for two days he had been pursued by a black Mitsubishi Lancer car, so law enforcement officers needed to identify the people who use this car.

“People’s Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko, who is accompanied by two security guards in Uzhgorod, believes that it is possible to film him only after a warning about filming. In a word, if you call the police in Uzhgorod, say that you are Nikolai Tishchenko and all the available crews in the city will come. Regardless of the hour” — the head of the film crew commented on the incident, explaining that Tishchenko has been forgetting to declare his business in Uzhgorod for a long time, and this has become the subject of a journalistic investigation.



Thus, media workers have established that the people’s deputy and his family have acquired a significant amount of property in the Transcarpathian region in recent years – apartments, beauty salons, a five-star hotel park and even a funeral home.

As is known, until mid-2022, then still a member of the Servant of the People faction, Nikolai Tishchenko, was removed from this position, and in January 2023 he was expelled from the faction.


Author: Yulia LUGOVA, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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