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The joint work of the president and commander-in-chief is being questioned due to the influence of “third forces,” expert

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Pumping the media environment with news about the possible resignation of Valery Zaluzhny speaks of the systematic work of different parties – both from the authorities and the opposition.

He expressed this opinion on his FB Head of the Center for Analysis and Strategy, political scientist Igor Chalenko.

Chalenko noted that the motivation for Zaluzhny’s resignation has not only a military, but also a political context. However, he does not believe that the president and the command are the initiators of these steps.

In his opinion, the dismissal of the commander-in-chief in such an atmosphere does not benefit any of the conflict personalities.


“What does the resignation of the commander-in-chief give in such a toxic controversy? Neither Ze nor For this will personally win,” – notes Chalenko.

The expert emphasized that he has not seen a more effective tandem than Zelensky-Zaluzhny.


“In two years, they both became symbols of Ukraine’s intransigence towards the Russian aggressor. Foreign policy and the battlefield showed the synergy of their actions,” – he wrote.

The political scientist noted that it is necessary to take into account the motivation for personnel changes and not reduce it to political ambitions.



Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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