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Nationalization of property in Crimea: the media recalled how MP Bezgin managed to avoid it

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Vitaly Bezgin, a people’s deputy from the Servant of the People party, has not yet been responsible for cooperation with the occupying authorities of Crimea. In 2020, he drew up a power of attorney for the sale of his apartment under the laws of Russia to his aunt, who is a member of the United Russia party and a deputy of the occupying “parliament” of Crimea, which is a violation of Ukrainian law and can be qualified as collaborationism. The publication “Apostrophe” recalled this in connection with recent information about the nationalization of the property of Volodymyr Zelensky and other citizens of Ukraine in Crimea.

As it became known in January 2023, Bezgin granted a power of attorney to his aunt Galina Gerasimova for the sale of housing, which he inherited from relatives – this is an apartment in Evpatoria.

“According to an extract from the state register of rights to real estate, which was published earlier in the media, Vitaly Bezgin owned a share in the ownership of real estate, namely apartments with a total area of ​​59.4 sq. m in Evpatoria after he received an inheritance from his grandparents. Then, being a people’s deputy, he decided that the apartment should be sold. And for this he involved his relatives in the Crimea. By the way, according to published data, both his sister Elena Bezgina and his parents, Natalia and Yuri Bezgin, have Russian passports, ” – the article says.

At the time of the conclusion of the power of attorney, Gerasimova was and continues to be a member of the United Russia political party and a deputy of the Crimean “parliament”. Just the day before, she spoke about the “successes of improvement and unresolved problems” of Evpatoria in an interview with the propaganda publication Sputnik.

“The apartment was sold according to the laws of Russia, as evidenced by the corresponding published extract from the Russian register. Thus, People’s Deputy Bezgin actually recognized Russian legislation in Crimea and committed offenses under the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely: Art. 111-1 (collaboration activity) and art. 436-2 (justification of armed aggression)”, – says the material.

However, as the author writes, Bezgin never became the subject of an investigation.

“He justified himself by saying that he received an inheritance from his grandparents, who died after the start of the occupation, and therefore, allegedly, in agreement with the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, he decided that granting a power of attorney to a deputy from United Russia would be the only correct solution to the situation,” – writes the author.

And in all the clarifications of the National Agency it is directly stated that the sale of property outside the rules of Ukrainian legislation is void.

“In accordance with the declarations, apartments and cars with Crimean registration should be brought in. Obviously, even paying notary fees for registering a power of attorney is already a crime in financing the occupier and his terrorist activities,” – writes the publication. It also notes that experts constantly talk about the nullity of the decisions of the occupying government and the absence of grounds for making any deals with the Russian authorities, because after the de-occupation of the peninsula, as well as other territories occupied by Russia, laws and property rights enshrined in Ukrainian registries. In order to comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and go through the procedure for the sale of Crimean property so that it is recognized by Ukraine, an agreement should be signed on the territory controlled by the government.

“Ten thousand Ukrainian citizens and organizations, including President Zelensky and the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, decided not to invent workarounds and in no way cooperate with the enemy. But some members of parliament, such as Vitaly Bezgin, appear to see themselves as above the country’s rules. But why the “servant” has not yet been held liable in accordance with Ukrainian laws is a question for law enforcement agencies, ” – asks the author.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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