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Poroshenko must compensate $210 million in damages for the misappropriated oil pipeline, which the court returned to the state, – expert

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Poroshenko must compensate Ukraine for $210 million in damages for the illegally appropriated Samara-Western oil pipeline. Writes about this political expert Petr Oleshchukcommenting on the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine to return the oil pipeline to state ownership

According to the expert, as long as the oil pipeline was not in state ownership, Ukraine lost $41-42 million annually.

“We’re counting. The nominal value of the pipe is minuscule for such an asset – $23 million. Over the course of the year, the pipe earned $41-42 million. The pipe was owned by unknown people from 2016 to 2021. It is not difficult to calculate that the damage is $210 million. And who should compensate them? Obviously, the oligarch who made money on the pipe, namely Pyotr Alekseevich,” – notes the expert.

According to Oleschuk, the oil pipeline became an asset of Poroshenko with the help of Medvedchuk in 2016 in exchange for Poroshenko’s plant in Crimea, which was lost due to the nationalization of Russia.


“According to investigative journalist Yuri Nikolov, the pipe was a kind of barter between Putin and Poroshenko. This was a kind of “thank you” from Putin to Poroshenko for the Poroshenko plant in Crimea, which became the property of Russia. By the way, as Medvedchuk himself said, virtually the entire top of the state apparatus was involved in the “pipe” scheme, starting from the time of President Poroshenko and ending with ministers, law enforcement officers and those who directly implemented this scheme,” noted the expert.

As reported, the Supreme Court finally recognized the state’s ownership of the Ukrainian part of the Samara-Western oil pipeline (part of which is better known as the Medvedchuk-Poroshenko pipeline).


According to Medvedchuk’s own testimony to law enforcement, in 2016, President Poroshenko approached him with a request to help appropriate the oil pipeline, taking into account Medvedchuk’s contacts with the leadership of the Russian Federation.

As Medvedchuk admitted, Poroshenko resolved all administrative issues regarding the illegal appropriation of the pipe: the courts, the prosecutor’s office, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, and the State Property Fund made decisions necessary for the personal interests of President Poroshenko.


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Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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