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Repressive and unconstitutional: Tymoshenko on the mobilization bill

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The leader of the Batkivshchyna party criticized the new version of the mobilization bill, calling it even more repressive and unconstitutional. She is convinced that this law will not worsen, but rather weaken Ukraine.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Tymoshenko’s video message on the YouTube channel.

The new mobilization bill, like the previous one, is not just an ordinary regulatory act. This is not just a mistake and a violation of the Constitution. This is a tough and cynical plan for the gradual liquidation of the Ukrainian nation,” – said Tymoshenko.

In her opinion, the provisions of this bill will not help in any way to replenish the ranks of the Ukrainian army at the front. In particular, she believes that every soldier who has served more than 18 months should receive the right to leave or demobilization, and his place should be taken by a trained member of the security forces, of which we have almost half a million.


“This law will only bring fear, chaos and aggression to Ukrainian society, which is already traumatized by the war. It can also create a tragic split between the government and the people. Destroy our unity, provoke civil confrontation, which is completely unacceptable now,” – Tymoshenko added.

The politician is also convinced that Ukraine needs voluntary and fair mobilization. At the same time, the government bill provides for the exact opposite.

In addition, in her opinion, we cannot allow the mobilization of people with disabilities, single parents, parents with many children, caring for lonely elderly people or persons with disabilities. At the same time, the bill must contain guarantees of benefits and payments to veterans, wounded people and families of the dead.


“Our team will do everything possible to ensure that not a single element of violence against people remains in the document. I am convinced that Ukrainians are capable of defending their land voluntarily and motivatedly,” – she added.

Tymoshenko also added that she would hold negotiations with all faction leaders in parliament in order to finally reject this bill.


Let us remind you that the new mobilization bill has already been registered in parliament. The Cabinet of Ministers submitted the document to the Rada on January 30 after revision. This is already the second attempt to change the norms of mobilization in Ukraine.

Earlier, lawyers explained what the adoption of a new mobilization bill would mean for ordinary Ukrainians.

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Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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