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Bad managers of a perfect mayor or a perfect plan of a bad mayor? What is it about

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May 25 should be an interesting political day in the city of Lviv. After all, the plenary meeting of the 16th session of the Lviv City Council is scheduled for tomorrow, in the draft agenda of which, out of more than 300 issues, issue number 23 is of particular interest. 03/14/2023 No 260 “On acceptance of the conditions set forth in the Loan Agreement 12/30/2022 No 53825 concluded between the Lviv City Council and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

It was this question that in April quarreled the deputies, and with the words[email protected], I’m on the cheek. There is a 15 minute break» Andrey Sadovy adjourned city council meeting

Recall that by this decision, the executive committee assumed deputy powers and, bypassing the regulations at a meeting in March, allegedly voted for a technical solution, but in fact illegally agreed on the adoption of the terms of a loan agreement to support the activities of utility companies – Lvivelectrotrans, Lvivavtodor, ” Lvovvodok, Lvovteploenergo and Green City.

And everything would be good and right for the utilities to function properly, but there is one “but”. For the period 2019-2023 alone, Sadovy allocated more than 5 billion hryvnias to support 10 utilities, including the above! Think about 5 billion in less than 4 years. The specified amount is 35% of the budget of Lviv for 2023, that is, financing the life of the city for more than 4 months.

So the question arises, maybe the team of the mayor of Sadovoy cannot cope with the city’s communal apartment, or deliberately, led by Sadovy, they are driving the city into a debt hole!

You might think that public utilities are in poverty, workers receive meager salaries, but no … So, for example, the average salary in March 2023 of an employee of the LKP “Municipal Guard” is more than 22.5 thousand hryvnias, while the LKP “Lvivavtodor” is over UAH 24 thousand, LKP “Administrative and technical department” about UAH 26 thousand.

Workers of communal enterprises should definitely receive a decent salary, but ask how much a doctor in a communal clinic or a teacher in a comprehensive school gets, and has the city allocated 5 billion hryvnias for education or medicine over 3 years?

But even with a decent salary and Andrey Ivanovich’s “sincere” concern for public utilities, nothing human is alien to the leaders of these enterprises. Recently, the former leaders of the LKP “Municipal Guard” and the KP “Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv named after. Clement Sheptytsky was received on suspicion of embezzlement of property on an especially large scale.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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