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Bigus, Nikolov, Mazepa… Now there is a “tail”, an expert, following the members of the Klitschko team

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After Klitschko’s interview with Western media, in which he stated that Ukraine was sliding into authoritarianism, he was wiretapped, and some members of his team were spied on. This was reported by political expert Vladimir Tsybulko.

“According to my information, after Klitschko’s interview with Western media, they began to “listen” to him, and some of his team members were put under surveillance. So, the tail follows Arthur Palatny and his assistants, who are engaged in volunteer assistance: they transfer kamikaze drones, Maviks, electronic warfare systems and other useful things to the front. Palatny is a representative of the Klitschko team, the head of the central executive committee of the UDAR party and the head of the Ukrainian Team volunteer headquarters. Palatny is being monitored by at least two groups of security officials. They drive, film, record all his movements,” – said Vladimir Tsybulko.

According to him, the only time Palatny is not being watched is when he goes to the front line.

“The security forces there don’t want to work on a ‘client’: they complain that it’s dangerous, but they don’t get paid extra for it,” – noted the expert.


According to Tsybulko, Klitschko’s entourage should have been “pressed” immediately after the mayor of Kyiv’s statements about authoritarianism. But implementation was postponed due to the great public outcry regarding Nikolov, Mazepa and others.

“Now that the wave of public indignation has passed, the OP will give instructions to search/detain/imprison the Chamber. To keep Klitschko silent. This, unfortunately, is not surprising,” – says Tsybulko.


According to the expert, repression may intensify.

“When Klitschko said in an interview that Ukraine was sliding into authoritarianism, he was right. First Bigus, then Nikolov, then Mazepa, then… the list of journalists, businessmen, politicians who are disturbing the authorities will, unfortunately, fill up faster and more intensely. Because the authorities are tired of pretending that democracy means something to them. The authorities saw democracy in one place. Today we see the reincarnation of the times of the end of 2013. Attacks on journalists, harassment of oppositionists, intimidation, threats, hidden cameras, illegal surveillance. At the command of the authorities, the colossal state machine and millions of hryvnias of taxpayers are spent on repressive functions. This reminds me more and more of one neighboring country,” – emphasized Vladimir Tsybulko.



Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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