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Welcome home: Zelensky, by decree, identified the historical lands of Ukrainians on Russian territory

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President of Ukraine Vladimir ZelenskyCongratulating Ukrainians on Unity Day, he announced the signing of a decree that defined historical Ukrainian lands on Russian territory.

Such territories include Kuban (Krasnodar Territory), Starodubshchina (part of the Bryansk region) and Slobozhanshchina (parts of the Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh regions).

According to the decree, it is customary to introduce an action plan to preserve the national identity of Ukrainians in these territories. Questions on:


– collection and study of facts and evidence about crimes committed against Ukrainians living (living) in the territories of Russia historically inhabited by ethnic Ukrainians;
– the policy of forced Russification, political repression and deportations towards Ukrainians, restoration and preservation of historical memory, including the formation of a center on these issues;
– intensifying work to counter disinformation and propaganda of the Russian Federation on the history of Ukrainians in Russia and all peoples enslaved by it;
– preparing and conducting events aimed at debunking Russian myths about Ukraine;
– development of interaction between Ukrainians and enslaved Russian peoples;
– ensuring the preparation and dissemination in Ukraine and the world of materials about the history of the Ukrainian state, historical connections of lands inhabited by ethnic Ukrainians with Ukrainian national state entities in different historical periods;
– coverage in curricula and textbooks for educational institutions of the true history of ethnic Ukrainians in historically populated lands within the Russian Federation.

As FACTS wrote, the famous molfarka told how possible it is for Kuban and other historical Ukrainian lands that are part of the Russian Federation to join Ukraine.



Author: Ivan MOZGOVOY, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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