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Former Ukrenergo officials involved in the United Energy case went abroad on a business trip and did not return: documents published

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Ukrenergo officials, likely defendants in the criminal case against United Energy, went on a business trip abroad during the investigation and did not return to Ukraine.

As Taras Zagorodniy, managing partner of the National Anti-Crisis Group, writes, we are talking about the former directors of market operations of Ukrenergo, Nikita Vishnevsky, and the head of the department of the settlement administrator of Ukrenergo, Dmitry Kondrashov.

Zagorodny published copies of the orders. Vishnevsky left for Poland on February 26, 2023, Kondrashov went to Hungary on July 15, 2022. The official reason is “business trip”. Moreover, Vishnevsky went on a business trip already during the investigation with the permission of the head of Ukrenergo Vladimir Kudrytsky – he signed the order.


Based on this, Zagorodny cited Ukrenergo’s assurances of cooperation with the investigation in this case. “not very plausible.” “Why did Kudritsky, who coordinated the “business trip,” not take into account the risk of Vishnevsky’s non-return? And if he’s not guilty, then why doesn’t he return to Ukraine? Or did he specifically agree on a one-way business trip so that they would not say unnecessary things to the investigation, since he himself knows what they will say and point to him as an accomplice? – writes Taras Zagorodny.

In his opinion, since we are talking about a strategic enterprise and causing damage to the state worth hundreds of millions of hryvnias, in the absence of persons involved, law enforcement officers have every reason “ask a question to the head of Ukrenergo”.


As NABU previously reported, in March 2022, at the height of the battle for Kyiv, Ukrenergo sold electricity worth more than UAH 716 million to the United Energy trader, despite the company’s debt. United Energy resold the energy to real market participants and withdrew the funds. The media associate this trader with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Suspicions in the case were handed over to the organizer of the scheme, the chairman of the board of a commercial bank who acted as a guarantor of payment, the director of a private company and the director of the Ukrenergo department who did not stop the sale.


Ukrenergo, in response to NABU’s message, assured that they are closely cooperating with NABU, and are also seeking in court to recover UAH 1.1 billion of debt from United Energy.

Earlier, political expert Taras Zagorodniy called on the head of Ukrenergo Kudrytsky not to hide behind legislative conflicts and to publish a declaration.


Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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