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“She put an equal sign between the occupiers and those who defend Ukraine”: the people’s deputy appealed to the SBU regarding the statements of Irina Farion

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From time to time, speech scandals arise in Ukraine, as, for example, this happened in Irpen, where a teacher refused to lecture students in the state language.

The current one, which flared up due to a statement by People’s Deputy of the 7th convocation Irina Farion, has hurt the military. This became the reason for the deputy’s appeal to the SBU Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Yegor Chernev.

“Irina Farion publicly stated that she does not consider those of our soldiers who communicate in Russian at the front to be Ukrainians,” writes the “servant of the people” on her page on social networks.With this blasphemy, it seems to me, she equated the occupiers with those who sacrifice their lives defending Ukraine.”

He believes that Farion is “purposefully and systematically working to split society and incite hostility between Ukrainians,” mentioning her “Soviet past.”


“During a war, such actions are especially dangerous and, in my opinion, pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine. As Deputy Chairman of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, I urge the Security Service of Ukraine to check Irina Farion’s statements during martial law for the commission of criminal offenses and take all measures to prevent any subversive activities in our rear. Please consider this an official parliamentary appeal,” – said Chernev.

This reaction was caused by Irina Farion’s interview with journalist Yanina Sokolova. The exnardep, in particular, mentioned the Russian-speaking warriors of “Azov” and the 3rd separate assault brigade. In her opinion, military personnel who do not speak Ukrainian should call themselves Russians, and if they are patriots, they should show this by learning the language of Taras Shevchenko.


Farion’s statements caused a strong reaction, including among the military.

And the deputy commander of the 3rd Special Brigade, Maxim Zhorin, having sent a deputy after the Russian warship Moskva, said that it is high time for law enforcement agencies to pay attention to the activities of Farion, which is “splitting Ukrainian society according to financial methods.”


Language Ombudsman Dmitry Lubinets also spoke on this matter, noting that men and women from different groups of society, different national communities, different religions and beliefs serve and protect Ukraine in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He stated that he personally contacted the relevant government bodies, in particular, the National Police and the SBU, as well as the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting regarding the dissemination of videos with accusations against the military. And he reminded that violation of the equality of citizens is punishable in accordance with Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Let us remind you that recently a scandal broke out in Kharkov over the Russian language – the man who caused the accident began shouting at the police station that he had lived in the city for more than 50 years and that Kharkov was a “Russian-speaking city.”

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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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