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In acting The mayor of Chernigov is being searched: what is known

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The acting mayor of Chernigov, Alexander Lomako, said that the security forces came to search him and connected this with his statements on the enemy’s missile attack on the Drama Theater in the city center in August of this year.

“They are breaking into the apartment and searching it. DBR. Exactly one day after my post about the attempt of the city military administration and its chairman Brizhinsky to evade responsibility for the tragedy at the Drama Theater. Democracy? No, we haven’t heard” — reported on his page on the social network Alexander Lomako.

Meanwhile, Ukrayinska Pravda writes that the press service of the State Bureau questioned the fact that the searches were carried out jointly with the SBU, but stated that the investigative actions were authorized by the court and have nothing to do with Lomako’s posts on social networks.

Let us recall that this month security forces conducted searches of the mayor of Mukachevo Andrei Baloga and the head of the Mukachevo district council Mikhail Lanyo. The reason is said to be a corrupt deal for the sale of communal land around the Avangard stadium in the center of Mukachevo on the banks of the Latoritsa River.


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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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