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Thursday, March 23, 2023

“He has no conscience, and it’s pointless to sit down at the negotiating table with him”: OP representative on Putin

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Negotiations with Putin are not yet an option for Ukraine. Deputy Head of the President’s Office Andrey Smirnov sees the leader of the Kremlin in prison, not at the negotiating table. He stated this in an interview with t-online:

“The idea of ​​creating a special tribunal to consider the crime of aggression has existed since the beginning of the Russian aggression in February 2022. We have studied all the historical examples and are confident that we will be able to introduce a special tribunal to try Russian war crimes relatively quickly. Why a special tribunal? Because the other two options don’t work. The first option is a tribunal based on a resolution of the UN General Assembly. But this comes with risks, as Russia could block him in the UN Security Council. The second option is cooperation with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But this is also difficult, since neither Russia nor Ukraine has ratified the Rome Charter. This makes this path impossible. We want Russia to be condemned for its crimes by the entire civilized world. If 50 countries agree on the creation of a special tribunal and Putin is found guilty in absentia, then his immunity will no longer apply on the territory of these states.”

According to Smirnov, Ukraine sees the world only in the context of our country’s victory:

“Victory over the enemy who attacked us to kill us. We want those responsible for this to be punished. We want justice and this is the only option for us. Ukraine wants not only to restore its territory. We could no longer look into the eyes of our people if all Russian crimes did not lead to consequences. For all the people we have lost, those who gave orders to kill, torture and rape must be punished. We want victory for bringing to justice and punishing those responsible for Russian crimes. Peace talks with war criminals don’t make any sense to us, but European leaders still seem to want to appeal to Putin’s conscience. He has no conscience, and sitting down at the negotiating table with him is pointless. He always lies, and the whole world has seen it. We do not believe a single word of Putin. What he says is impossible to understand at all.

The Deputy Head of the Office of the President added that the murderous dictator lies all the time not only to Ukraine, but to the entire West. Despite this, some European states do not want to close the door to negotiations for Putin. They still believe they can correct the course of the Russian president.

Recall that recently Yale University Professor of International Law Una A. Goetheway said it would likely require regime change in Russia to hold Putin accountable.

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Author: Victoria MIKITYUK

Source: Fakty

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