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“Inexperienced“ judge of the year ”Matveev and not an independent decision,” ex-people’s deputy about the case of the mayor of Chernigov Atroshenko

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The decision to dismiss the mayor of Chernihiv Atroshenko is too contradictory and not independent. He was received by judge Igor Matveev, who has no experience and was appointed by President Zelensky a year ago. Because of this decision, he stood on a par with the judge in the case of Timoshenko Kireev and carol-picker Zvarich. This writes ex-people’s deputy Alexander Chernenko.

According to Ex-Parliament Alexander Chernenko, neither the Revolution of Dignity, nor the judicial reform, nor the war can stop the conveyor of controversial court decisions and judges who uncritically issue them.

“Meet the judge of the Yavorivsky District Court of the Lviv region Igor Matveev, who made a very controversial (to put it mildly) decision to dismiss the mayor of Chernihiv Atroshenko. Matveev “in the name of Ukraine” decided on a fine and added a little of himself: remove the elected mayor from office for a year!

Chernenko notes that the verdict in the case of Chernigov Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko is a dangerous precedent that could have dire consequences for the development of local self-government in Ukraine. And there is reason to believe that Judge Igor Matveev did not make an independent decision.

“This inexperienced judge, appointed by President Zelensky, took the oath exactly a year ago. There is an assumption that, like Radion Kireev, Igor Matveev was entrusted with this case solely for the skills of literary reading of written decisions. Nothing has changed in the judicial system. Another “judge of the year” Matveev was added to Kireev and “caroler” Zvarych, – writes exnardeep.

Alexander Chernenko summarizes that the judge in the Tymoshenko case, Rodion Kireev, also carried out political instructions well, but this did not save him from escaping to Russia.

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