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Bill 5655 completes ‘bold and complex’ urban planning reform, – deputy head of Ministry of Digital Development

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One of the most corrupt areas in Ukraine – construction – is gradually being turned into one of the most transparent. Bill 5655, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada the day before, is the completion of a “complex and bold” reform. This opinion was expressed on his Facebook page Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksiy Viskub.

According to him, two years ago the building register was physically not in Ukraine and in private hands.

“Any changes to this register could be made (and were regularly made) with the old number, they could easily replace any permit or document (which was also done regularly), and in certain fields of the register even unambiguous notes were made,” — wrote Viskub, posting a screenshot of the relevant messages in the registry.

According to him, it was unrealistic to obtain documentation for the facility or at least find out the availability of the necessary documents.

“And it was also unrealistic to get a permit to start construction or a certificate of readiness of the facility without a bribe with a specific fee depending on the region, which everyone knew about and the owners of this state-owned business brought several billion hryvnias a year,” he added.

The Deputy Minister added that now the building register has become a modern and secure IT system owned by the state, it is available in the form of open data, where you can see all the objects and documents on them, including on the map.

“Each permission requires the presence of a QR code, which is incl. is placed on the construction site to check the legality of construction and a package of documents. Each document – from urban planning conditions, a project to a certificate – is available in a single system and signed by the CEP of an authorized person to prevent forgery or any manipulation in the future. Most services are already provided online, and some even automatically without an official, based on data verification in other registers and cadastres,” Vyskub noted.

There was not enough law to complete the reform and fully automate all processes and services, he believes.

“The law is very bold and reformatory. And there really are norms that provide for the transfer of certain powers from officials (who do not have expertise and work for a meager pay, but do expensive expert work) to business. I’m sure this is the future. And the transfer of a number of functions from government to authorized business with strict control and responsibility is a very effective tool for reforming the outdated, bureaucratic and, finally, corrupt system of public administration in certain areas,” Viskub emphasized and added that two years later, from one of the most corrupt spheres in Ukraine have made one of the most transparent. 5655 completes this complex and bold reform. I hope we don’t miss this chance!” he summed up.

Earlier wrote that criticism of bill 5655 on urban planning reform by representatives of local governments may be unwillingness to take responsibility for controlling illegal buildings.

Author: Svetlana SIMONENKO, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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