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“Russian world” can not calm down? – the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council called “Svyatash’s vacation” a slander

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The head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Egorova-Lutsenko, did not approve of financial assistance and vacations for the deputy of the regional council, Volodymyr Styatash. She told the local KharkivToday about this.

Egorova-Lutsenko connects the discrediting attempt with her initiative to consider the issue of depriving two deputies of the regional council from the Opposition Platform for Life – Igor Rainin and Vladimir Svyatash – the titles of “Honorary Citizen of the Kharkiv Region”.

“I feel that the deputies support 90% of (this initiative. – Auth.). When the decision was considered by the heads of the factions, everyone voted “for”, including the Svetlichnaya Bloc. I have always had a pro-Ukrainian position. But the “Russian world” in the Kharkiv region cannot calm down”, she said.

Egorova-Lutsenko also denied the information that he was on vacation at all. She explained that Svyatash had applied for leave several times as the general director of the Public Health Center. Where he did it, according to her, no one knows, because since February 24, the deputy has never appeared at commission meetings or sessions of the regional council.

“The svyatash appealed three times. Twice we refused because of errors in the documents, but the third time he proved with documents that he had the right. We procedurally agreed on this, otherwise there would be courts. But I did not sign the documents, he did not receive help and leave. Therefore, I have already written a statement to the police, I need to check who and why is doing this now, trying to discredit me, ” – commented Egorova-Lutsenko.

Recall that the information that Egorova-Lutsenko allegedly coordinated the Holy Leave was spread by a local Kharkov website the day before.

Author: Svetlana SIMONENKO, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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