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In the media, using the example of Kyiv, they showed what Terekhov had to do to support business in Kharkov, but did not

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For more than 8 months of the war, the Kharkiv City Hall, headed by Igor Terekhov, did nothing to support the city’s entrepreneurs, while the Kyiv city authorities introduced unprecedented economic steps to support entrepreneurs and Kyivans. About this writes the publication “Comments. Kharkiv” in the article “Battle for MAFs. Why did Terekhov during the war “crush” the small business of Kharkov.

The publication notes that in connection with the active hostilities in Kharkov “Most of the entrepreneurs doing business in the city are in a critical situation. Hundreds of kiosks, summer playgrounds, retail outlets, cafes and shops were completely destroyed, all goods were destroyed, there was no opportunity to trade in the surviving objects for months.but the city authorities did not help the city’s entrepreneurs in any way.

At the same time, as the publication emphasizes, before the eyes of Terekhov’s team there were enough examples of how one could take care of those who create jobs in the city and fill the budget. “For example, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, announced and introduced unprecedented economic steps to support entrepreneurs and Kyivans. So, back in March, the Kyiv City Council set a symbolic rent of 1 hryvnia for the entire duration of martial law for all owners of mobile retail facilities, exempted from paying for parking at the sites of Kyivtransparkservis, canceled the payment for renting sites for outdoor advertising, recommended to representatives of public utilities services not to accrue and collect penalties and fines.

“Nothing like this has been adopted in Kharkov so far. More, taking advantage of the difficult situation and confusion, on the contrary, direct actions are being taken aimed at destroying small businesses,” – notes the publication, emphasizing that “Under the pretext of restoring order, the authorities simply decided to take advantage of the war and the difficult situation in order to rob small businesses well, at the same time arranging a market purge so that “their own people” and on “their own” terms could fill the vacant positions”.

The management of the Sovremenny Gorod KP demanded that all tenants pay 100% of the accrued rent for the entire period of hostilities, even for those objects that were destroyed by shelling or could not work. Those who fail to do so will be denied contract renewals and their outlets will be dismantled, causing serious dissatisfaction among entrepreneurs.

When the scandal gained momentum, the Kharkiv authorities, as the authors of the article write, abruptly decided to change tactics and remembered the need to support entrepreneurs: “The city authorities retroactively forked out to exempt the owners of MAFs and other temporary structures from rent for the period from March 1 to May 31, 2022, that is, for three out of eight military months. And this despite the fact that Kharkiv was shelled almost every day until September, and the business, accordingly, practically could not work for at least six months. In addition, it is reported that a total of 378 economic entities out of at least 2.5 thousand that had valid contracts with the Sovremenny Gorod communal enterprise before the war will be released from rent for this period.

“Such support from Terekhov is more like something like a handout, to which the mayor of Kharkov caused a scandal. Especially if you compare it with a whole range of measures to support small businesses in Kyiv. In addition, the decision of the November 17 session does not in any way apply to those more than 100 objects in respect of which a decision has already been made to demolish. Well, after Terekhov promotes himself on the help of business, and the scandal subsides, it cannot be completely ruled out that the Kharkov mayor will find something else to cling to in order to complete his plan to clean up Kharkov from small businesses. Moreover, Igor Terekhov is familiar with the business on the municipal property of Kharkov himself firsthand. Tobacco kiosks “Kiset”, which continue to multiply in the city, is a clear confirmation of this, – summarizes edition.

Recall that on November 15, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Kharkiv City Council was made public, according to which mass demolition and dismantling of MAFs in the city began.

Author: Vladimir DOBROV, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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