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We will storm to seek the exclusion of the representative of the Opposition Platform for Life Koshlyak from the NOC, – People’s Deputy

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Ukrainian athlete, people’s deputy from the Servant of the People, chairman of the NOC Athletes’ Commission Olga Saladukha announced the need to exclude Mikhail Koshlyak, a representative of the Opposition Platform for Life party, from the NOC Executive Committee.

“All parties that are banned in the country, their representatives, should not be in the NOC. We have seen outrage (on entry into the NOC of people’s deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life. — Auth.). Athletes approached me and said: “Maybe we will also suspend the membership of our Commission while there are some people there,” Saladuha said in a commentary to Facts.

According to her, everyone saw that this Assembly attracted attention not only from the sports community, but also from ordinary citizens, because everyone wants sport to be clean and transparent.

“I think that now information about Koshlyak will give such an impetus that they will again suspend membership. We will seek to expel this person. We need to do this by storming the members of the NOC,” – said the People’s Deputy.

Mykhailo Koshlyak is a deputy from the pro-Russian and banned in Ukraine party Opposition Platform for Life in the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council. Despite this, at the NOC General Assembly he was included in the Executive Committee.

In the wake of public outrage, some representatives of the HLE have filed applications for their exclusion from the list of NOC members. However, Koshlyak did not submit anything. He still continues to be in the NOC. And the elected president of the Olympic Committee, Vadim Gutzeit, has not yet responded to the demands to expel Koshlyak.

Earlier, star Ukrainian football player and coach Oleksiy Mikhailichenko expressed his indignation about Koshlyak as part of the NOC.

Author: Svetlana SIMONENKO, especially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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