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Here is how Andrzej Duda dressed for the concert. How much does this t-shirt cost? You can order it online

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Andrzej Duda at the concert of rebel songs. What shirt did he have?

The president preferred a less formal style than a standard suit, only at the end of a busy day. The T-shirt that Andrzej Duda showed himself in is one of three models of the Red is Bad brand dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising.

The model in which Duda presented himself costs PLN 109. It is a white T-shirt with a large pattern in the form of the date 1944. It is sold on the website of the Red Bad brand.

Andrzej Duda is probably a fan of this company., because in the past he has been photographed in clothes marked “Red is bad.” He even visited the brand’s stationery store, his law firm reported in 2021.

Politicians honored the memory of the fallen Warsaw insurgents. This is already the 78th anniversary of the patriotic uprising of the inhabitants of the Polish capital.

Morawiecki was also at the concert. However, he chose a more formal style.

At the concert “Varsawians sing (un)forbidden songs” in addition to the president, there was also prime minister Matues Morawiecki. The head of government did not allow himself to be called so freely as the president.

As can be seen from the materials provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, Morawiecki was wearing a jacket and a white shirt.. However, in the end, the prime minister abandoned the tie.

(Source: Twitter, Office of the President)

Source: FAKT

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