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Ziobro people don’t want to be with PiS anymore. They started to act and they have an offer

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The Public Opinion Research Centers, which Solidarna Polska approached with a request, should help the Ziobra party. She demanded that polls begin to consider him as a separate political entity, and not just as a component of the United Right.

An Apache helicopter belonging to US soldiers stationed in Poland made an emergency landing.

– I believe this is true for our group, which is very expanding (…) As a formation, we have the right to be considered separately in these polls, said Minister Michal Wujcik, Vice President of Solidarity Poland during a Friday press conference .

The minister argued that the party, which has existed in the political arena for 10 years, has many representatives, deputies and local government officials, should be considered separately. He also noted that the party has its own study, which shows that support for Poland’s Solidarity ranges from 4 to 6 percent, and not, as polls sometimes show, hover around 0.7 percent.

– For the people who voted and want to vote for Solidarity Poland, it is important that we are present at these polls in order to face reality, said Michal Wojcik.

And in the coalition all the time friction

Meanwhile, not a week goes by without further misunderstandings between the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister. Zbigniew Zebro accused, among other things, the head of government of not consulting Solidarna Polska with some of the so-called milestones. According to Ziobro, the prime minister himself had to agree to the EU proposals. There were also accusations by the Prime Minister that, by agreeing to the liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, he was attacking the sovereignty of Poland.

– Statements about the loss of sovereignty as a result of the failure of judicial reform can be classified as fairy tales, – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview with the Gość Niedzielny newspaper.

Alcohol of Zbigniew Zebra under a magnifying glass of deputies. “Those 0.7 votes have gone too far.” Moonshine from Podlasie is also in the background

Ziobro directly criticizes the court. What does he mean this time?

Ziobro hits Morawiecki. “Green Light Out”

Source: Dziennik.p / Gość Niedzielny

Source: FAKT

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