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Dorota Szelongowska on her experience of anxiety neurosis: “Getting out the door was a problem.” He has an important message

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Dorota Szelongowska published words that touch the heart – she shared her experience of a mental crisis. And he urges everyone who is now faced with this to seek help from a specialist.

Dorota Szelongowska recently spoke about mental health crises on social media. She published an important and touching post on her Instagram, in which she shared her own difficult experience. Her recognition can be a kind of encouragement for many people, as well as an impetus for action for those who also face similar problems.

Dorota Shelongowska about the experience of anxiety neurosis

The main symptom of anxiety neurosis is a feeling of unjustified fear that is difficult to control. This anxiety can be sudden – paroxysmal, in the form of panic, or generalized and long-lasting. This is often accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling hands, or trouble sleeping. “Because I believe that this medium should also sometimes convey a message, I am now addressing all those for whom scrolling Instagram is one of the few windows into the world, because anxiety neurosis has locked them at home,” Dorota Szelongowska began her entry. She went on to describe her own impressions:

I was there for many years and approached every simple thing with fear. It was a hassle getting out the door, let alone flying! I didn’t even think about it for 20 years. And there is a way out of this, although I remember that I very much doubted it.

Message from Dorota Szelongowska: let us help you

Dorota Szelongowska emphasized that in such a situation, the most important thing is proper treatment:

You can support yourself with all sorts of miracles of affirmations, physical effort and positive thinking, but BASIS is a carefully selected pharmacology and therapy.. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts; you have to sort out the mess within yourself and do it with the help of experts, not celebrities or influencers.

The host of the “Total Repair of Shelongovskaya” program also appealed to people who are now struggling with anxiety neurosis or other similar disorders not to wait, but to allow themselves help by turning to a specialist: “I am not a doctor or doctor. specialist, I cannot answer the questions that you often ask me in messages. It’s too much responsibility. But I know one thing one hundred percent – go to a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and get help.”

What to do if you are going through a mental health crisis?

We also join this call: let’s help you. Two main methods are used to treat anxiety neurosis: it is based on psychotherapy and often on the selection of appropriate medications by a specialist. Due to the fact that anxiety disorders are based on psychological problems, psychotherapy is an integral part of treatment, allowing one to identify the patient’s problems that are the basis of his anxiety. remember, that A referral is not required to see a psychiatrist.. The most important thing in all this is to take action and go visit.

We recently celebrated World Depression Day – then we published material about what you should not say to a person suffering from depression, because this is the worst consolation. In addition to support, it is also very important for people who have loved ones suffering from such disorders to ensure that they seek help from a specialist. For some people, taking this “first step” in the struggle for a good and peaceful life is indeed very difficult. Those struggling with a mental health crisis can also take advantage of the Crisis Line, which anyone can call. Just choose number 116 123.

Source: Health WPROST.pl / Instagram/dotindotin
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