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Real revolutions in L4 rules. Will employees win or lose?

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The government is planning significant changes to sick pay. Will they be useful to employees? At the beginning of 2024, the minimum amount of sickness benefit has already changed.

Currently, sick leave is paid to people on sick leave. However, revolutions related to this are being planned. In 2024, the first change occurred – it concerns the amount of sickness benefits while on sick leave. This is due to changes in the minimum wage. From January 2024 it increased to PLN 4,242 gross (the minimum hourly rate is currently PLN 27.70). As a result, the basis for sickness benefits has also changed. It must be at least 86.29%. minimum wage, i.e. PLN 3660.43 gross.

Who will pay for L4? Changes may increase the number of ZUS checks

The government has announced changes to sick leave. One of them will concern who will pay sickness benefits. Until now, employers were responsible for the first 33 days of sick leave, and only after that the responsibility passed to the Social Insurance Office (ZUS). As the ruling coalition stated ZUS will take care of all benefit payments. Such a promise is already included in the so-called 100 details of the Citizens’ Coalition. This may benefit employers but, contrary to appearances, harm workers. According to experts, the number of sick leave checks carried out by ZUS could increase significantly.

“Short-term layoffs have become increasingly common in recent years. However, until now control activities have focused on long-term absences,” noted Łukasz Kozłowski from the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs in an interview with Rzeczpospolita. He also added that the planned changes could lead to increased control. It is worth noting that ZUS is already conducting a mass audit of L4 , and the benefits retained are in the millions of dollars.

What other changes to sick leave are the government planning?

Among the announcements about changes in the issuance of sick leave, the most interesting change for employees will certainly be the size of the benefit. Currently it is 80 percent of the basic salary. However, the government proposes the employee received 100 percent of his salary during illness. This change could improve the living conditions of people on sick leave due to illness. Such a move by those in power could also reduce the risk of a sick person coming to work, despite his condition, due to financial problems, that is, the desire to avoid receiving a lower salary (which could cause financial problems). However, as reported by Gazeta Prawna, there are concerns that some L4 employees will treat this as “paid leave”, which in turn could place a heavy burden on the system. It is currently unknown exactly when the announced changes will come into force.

Source: Health WPROST.pl / Money.pl, Serwisy.gazetaprawna.pl
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