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Wave of coronavirus for the holidays? Germany warns against Christmas parties

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German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has proposed abandoning pre-Christmas gatherings and parties due to the possibility of coronavirus infection.

Epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach warned of a wave of coronavirus infections on Christmas Day. He advises – especially those who want to spend the holidays with family and meet grandparents – to take care of their health now and avoid situations in which it is easy to contract an infection.

COVID-19 is not a cold

The German Health Minister stressed in Bild that the coronavirus remains dangerous. “This is not a cold that you can safely catch at any time of the year. On the contrary, coronavirus also often affects blood vessels and weakens the immune system, which means it is often impossible to completely cure,” he said. Coronavirus infection is most dangerous for older people, people with weakened immune systems and those with other underlying health conditions.

How to avoid getting infected with COVID-19 during the holidays?

“If you want to avoid getting sick under the Christmas tree, you should get vaccinated as soon as possible in the next few days – preferably against both the flu and the coronavirus,” Lauterbach added. He also gave specific advice on how to minimize the risk of infection. The list includes, among other things: avoiding any gatherings (such as pre-Christmas parties or shopping in crowded shopping centers), but also wearing masks on public transport and other crowded indoor spaces (according to a survey by Bild, only 10 percent of Germans now regularly wear masks). , and almost 60% do not wear them at all). The epidemiologist also advises, if possible, to switch to remote work during the New Year period. He also emphasizes that if in any doubt, it is best to do a simple coronavirus test before visiting your grandparents (such tests are sold in pharmacies and can easily be done at home).

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Source: Bild, Berlin newspaper
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