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Electronic referral to the sanatorium. Paper directions only until the end of June

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Until now, only traditional, paper directions were used to travel to the sanatorium. Now you can get an electronic referral for sanatorium treatment or sanatorium rehabilitation. What does this mean for patients?

Physicians can issue electronic referrals to the sanatorium from March 17, informs the patient support service.gov.pl. Previously, electronic referrals, i.e. referrals in electronic form available in the Internet Patient Profile (IKP), were issued to hospitals, medical specialists for treatment (for example, vaccination against COVID-19), examination and rehabilitation.

Email referrals cannot be lost

What makes it possible to receive an electronic referral for spa treatment? “This solution will allow tracking the stage of document processing through the patient’s Internet account. An electronic referral to a sanatorium is a document that, unlike the paper version, cannot be lost,” explains Petr Olevinsky, director of communications at the eHealth Center, quoted by PAP. The patient has access to the electronic referral to the ICP at any time.

As the director of the CEZ adds, the introduction of an electronic referral to the sanatorium allows online informing the patient about the subsequent stages of processing the document, including its registration and confirmation with the National Fund. The prospective patient will find information about the stage of their electronic referral in their online patient account in the “Referrals” tab. “Notifications about the stage of electronic referral to the sanatorium will also be received by mail,” adds Petr Olevinsky.

How does e-direction work?

An electronic referral for sanatorium treatment issued by a specialist is automatically sent to the appropriate department of the National Health Fund and is reviewed by a doctor. If approved by the specialist, the specialist will provide the system with information about the referral number, the method of consideration and the expected waiting time. The doctor may also ask you to fill out a form.

Is it still possible to get a paper referral to the sanatorium?

As reminded by the Health Insurance Fund, you will receive a paper referral to a sanatorium if:

  • the doctor does not have access to the Internet and, therefore, to the e-health system,

  • referral refers to treatment or rehabilitation outside the country.

IMPORTANT: Directions to the sanatorium can be issued in paper form only until June 30, 2023. If you search for information about paper referrals to a sanatorium on the ICP, you will find them in a separate sub-tab, and not along with electronic referrals.

Designed by: Katarzyna Swierczynska
Source: patient.gov.pl, zdrowie.pap.pl

Source: Wprost

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