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Bezgon did not declare profits from business with relatives, Russian deputies, for which he is under investigation – Bereza.

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People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People Vitaly Bezgin did not declare profits from business with relatives and deputies of the Russian Federation, for which the SBI opened a case against him. This was stated by People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation Borislav Berezaafter analyzing the NAPC data.

“People’s Deputy Vitaly Bezgin. A native of Crimea. He never showed in his declaration how much money he received from financial transactions with his aunt, United Russia deputy Galina Gerasimova, who remained in Crimea.”– wrote Borislav Bereza.

Exnardep recalled that Bezgin is under investigation. He is a defendant in a criminal case being conducted by the DBI under Part 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code – an encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, committed by a representative of the authorities. The article provides for 5 to 10 years of imprisonment.
And for the inclusion of false information in the declaration, Bezgin should also be interested in NABU, Bereza emphasized.

“In 2020, Bezgon issued a power of attorney to dispose of shares in an apartment in occupied Crimea. The sale of the apartment took place according to the laws of… the Russian Federation, and the Ukrainian people’s deputy actually recognized Russian legislation in our temporarily occupied Crimea. Bezgin did not declare the money from the sale either for 2021, or for 2022 and 2023. That is, in addition to the production of DBR at 110 V. The Criminal Code also adds a corruption crime – declaring false information. And this is already the subject of an investigation by NABU,” – he writes.


Bereza also draws attention to the fact that Vitaly Bezgin and his aunt, a deputy of the Russian Federation, head the same committees.

“Madam Russian deputy, together with her nephew Bezgin, even occupy the same position – they head the committee on local self-government. Only that one is in Russia, and that one is in the Verkhovna Rada. Coincidence? They also have common money matters. Also a coincidence? And this was during the war. The question also arises in the SBU, what about state secrets, to which Verkhovna Rada deputy Bezgin has access by status?” – Bereza is interested.


He wonders whether law enforcement agencies will bring Bezgin’s case to a fair conclusion.

“The answer to this question is that Bezgin was put in charge of the Verkhovna Rada commission against the leadership of Kyiv. This is where servants and servants discuss how the servants can finally seize power in Kyiv. Well, it didn’t work out with Vereshchuk in 2020, so we started looking for options through the commission. And all this has official status. Something tells me that with such “shackles” and being on such a “hook”, the “servant” Bezgon will be ready to serve in the “whatever you want” style. Let’s watch the show. It’s worth it”– sums up the exnarder.


It was previously reported that in February, a Temporary Special Commission was created in the Verkhovna Rada to study the effectiveness of the functioning of public authorities in the city of Kyiv as the capital of Ukraine during the period of martial law. People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People Vitaly Bezgin was appointed chairman of the commission.


Author: Vladimir DOBROV, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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