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SAPO and NABU exposed an organized group led by a former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine

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NABU detectives continue to expose deputies and officials involved in corruption.

NABU and SAPO exposed an organized group at Ukrzaliznytsia, which stole UAH 94.7 million from the purchase of transformers at inflated prices. This is reported on the pages of law enforcement agencies.

According to investigators, this organized group is headed by a former adviser to the Presidential Office, who recently headed the SBU department, Artem Shilo. He was detained.

“NABU and SAP through the court seized UAH 53 million in the bank accounts of the supplier company”– says a message on the NABU Facebook page.

According to SAP, from June to December 2022, the leader of the group, through controlled officials of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC, ensured the election of a predetermined company as a supplier of power transformers at an inflated cost.

The basis was the letter “On a threat to state security”, according to which proposals from other procurement participants with more favorable price conditions were rejected.


Prosecutors noted that the winning company is controlled by a Belarusian citizen with connections to the Russian Federation.

The winner, through a controlled installation company registered in Bulgaria, purchased transformers from a manufacturer in Uzbekistan and resold them to Ukrzaliznytsia at a price artificially increased by almost double.


As a result of the implementation of the scheme during 2022-2024. Ukrzaliznytsia suffered losses in the amount of UAH 94.7 million, which the participants in the crime took possession of and disposed of at their own discretion.

Thanks to the actions of detectives and prosecutors, the court seized UAH 53 million in the bank accounts of the supplier company.


The leader, co-organizer and two members of the organized group have now been detained.

Law enforcement officials do not name the organizer, but his photo was published on NABU’s Facebook page.

Previously, we wrote about the procurement scandal from the Ministry of Defense. High-ranking officials are accused of multimillion-dollar abuses.

As of now, the planned transformations in the state procurement system of the Ministry of Defense have not occurred, and the situation not only has not improved, but has even worsened.


Author: Irina ALEXEEVA, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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