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Congress of Veterans and Business Associations: “Veterans and entrepreneurs are the engine of victory and restoration of Ukraine”

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Veterans and business are the driving force for Ukraine’s victory in the war and the post-war development of the state. The authorities must realize that without business there will be no economy, which means there will be no army. In Kyiv, the Congress of Veterans and Business Associations adopted a resolution calling on the authorities to support entrepreneurship.

The Congress formulated a unified position on the development of the defense complex, veteran policy, economic sustainability and the restoration of Ukraine.

Sergey Poznyak


Sergei Poznyak, head of the Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs, said that it is time for veterans and entrepreneurs to unite to have a positive impact on the development of society. “Due to the destruction of the economy, the army is destroyed, as well as our statehood. We won’t allow this. Ukraine must be whole as never before. We will consider those who, through their illegal actions, push us to protest actions, are traitors and collaborators who want to destroy the country from within.”– says the Congress resolution, read by Sergei Poznyak.


Igor Krivetsky

Businessman and philanthropist Igor Krivetsky said that today it is impossible to separate the veteran and business communities, because about 200 thousand entrepreneurs are fighting, many went to the front as volunteers. “The other lion’s share of the military is a family of entrepreneurs, because almost all of them work in private enterprises. Therefore, this is the only organization that should take responsibility for the defense and reconstruction of the country.”– emphasized Igor Krivetsky.


Senior lieutenant of the National Guard of Ukraine, member of the CEO of Club Ukraine Vladimir Tereshchenko said that Ukraine has a great demand for a powerful civil society: “The driving force is the military, business, volunteers, everyone involved in war and victory. Uniting these people and creating a society that can effectively develop the country, create programs and visions.”

Andrey Dligach

Ukrainian entrepreneur, scientist and public figure Andrey Dligach noted that “business is now the force on which the economic stability of the state is now built.

According to Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Finashin, the unity of business representatives and veterans is an absolute necessity for the victory and development of Ukraine.


Author: Svetlana SIMONENKO, specially for FACTS

Source: Fakty

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