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Winter scam by cops: in Lviv, police figured out how to fine drivers who had not violated anything

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The Eighth Court of Appeal in Lviv overturned the fine issued by the police to the driver, exposing the “scheme” through which law enforcement officers “framed” car owners.

As “Your Machine” writes, the court heard the case of a driver who was stopped by patrolmen last fall for dirty license plates. A report was drawn up and the driver was fined 1,190 hryvnia. However, in court it was possible to establish that the weather was bad at the time and the driver could not see that snow was stuck to his license plates.

The publication claims that in reviewing the case, the court found that patrol officers deliberately stopped vehicles with dirty license plates during unfavorable conditions for the “number of administrative offense cases/statistics.” This fact was confirmed, among other things, by the conversation of the inspectors, which was recorded by recordings from their body cameras.


The case against the driver was closed and the fine was cancelled.


Previously, auto experts named the main mistakes drivers make when communicating with the police, which can lead to a worsening situation.

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Author: Irina GAL, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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