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It has become known why the first meeting in 9 months between Prince Harry and Charles III lasted only half an hour.

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The first meeting in nine months between Charles III and Prince Harry did not go unnoticed by admirers of the royal family and the press: they were able to find out in what context the conversation between the father and the prodigal son took place, what instructions the king gave and how long their conversation lasted. By the way, the public has some questions regarding the last point.

The thing is that Charles and Harry only managed to communicate for half an hour (or 45 minutes, as some of the sources claim).

Archive photo of the king with his sons

The opinion creeps in that there would not be enough time to discuss the experience, even with a difference of 15 minutes. And even more so against the backdrop of the monarch’s suddenly diagnosed cancer. They rumored that the whole point was that the king needed to fly away and only 30-45 minutes were found in his busy schedule.


In fact, the reason is different. According to The Mirror, due to Charles’ health, he was advised not to overload himself or expose himself to unnecessary stress. The first meeting with the disgraced Duke of Sussex in a long time could lead to a deterioration in health.

“You don’t want his blood pressure to go up. The king is not feeling well, whatever type of cancer it is, he is undergoing treatment. The best thing for him is peace,” – said a royal insider.


Archival photo of the king’s meeting with pregnant Meghan Markle

Meanwhile, Harry is determined to rebuild a strong bond with his father. It is alleged that against the backdrop of the emergency hospitalization of Charles and Kate Middleton, as well as the cancer subsequently discovered in the king, he learned a lesson for himself and is now aimed at reconciliation. This probably has something to do with his intentions to visit the UK more often.



Author: Yulia LUGOVA, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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