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“Zelensky wants to get even more involved in military affairs”: how Western media assess Syrsky’s appointment

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On February 8, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky fired Supreme Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny. For him, the release of a general who was popular among the population and the army was an act balancing on the border. Ukraine is facing a harsh winter of war with renewed massive Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure. The dismissal of Zaluzhny could negatively affect the morale and endurance of soldiers, writes t-online.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian president decided to take this step. This is a sign that society in Ukraine is becoming increasingly unstable. Zelensky needs success, now he is focusing on other war tactics and wants more control over communications in this war. But this is very risky for the country. Zelensky said that he invited Zaluzhny to remain part of the team. However, he did not give any indication of possible new tasks for the general. Thus, the Ukrainian leadership presents the situation as if the decision was made in dialogue with Zaluzhny. This is understandable, since Ukraine does not want publicity about possible internal disputes. Thus, the struggle for power between the Ukrainian elites seems to have ended in favor of Vladimir Zelensky for now.”

Alexander Syrsky was appointed the new head of the army. He is”the general with the most experience“in the Ukrainian army, said Vladimir Zelensky.

But what is realistic? Zaluzhny is considered a general who always tries very carefully to minimize his own losses. This also led to a dispute with Zelensky, who, for example, wanted to hold Bakhmut longer for political reasons than was reasonable for military reasons. His attention to human life made him popular not only in the army, but also abroad. Syrsky, on the other hand, was the general who held Bakhmut. The appointment of a new commander-in-chief could be a sign that Zelensky wants to become even more involved in military affairs. However, there are still no specific tactics for 2024. In the end, much will depend on how US support for Ukraine, which is still blocked by the Republicans, develops. Zelensky’s critics therefore see no immediate military benefit in Zaluzhny’s dismissal. Russia is sending more and more soldiers and materiel to the war, Ukraine lacks weapons and ammunition, and there have long been debates abroad about the necessary support.”.


Earlier it was reported that Zaluzhny unveiled a new strategy for defeating the aggressor: launching massive drone strikes on Russian infrastructure.



Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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