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Putin is competing with half of the free world, – Polish Foreign Minister

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The head of the Kremlin wants to go down in history as the new Peter the Great. If he wins, he will raze Ukraine to the ground, bring its people into his army and use it as a base for new wars. This is something that the EU countries already understand well and are preparing for Russian aggression. And then containing or defeating Putin will cost the West much more than helping Ukraine now. He thinks so Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

The German weekly Der Spiegel asked him if he saw a danger that not only in Germany but also in other countries the vigilance over Putin’s threat would be lowered, and therefore support for the Ukrainian struggle would decrease.

“I understand that the further away from the theater of war the feeling of threat decreases. Putin is accused of war crimes in international courts. One of the most important tasks for us politicians is to shape public opinion on this matter – and to constantly remind us of who we are dealing with, – emphasized Radoslaw Sikorski. – For many years I have been advocating for the expansion of European defense forces. US attention will shift to competition with China, regardless of who governs America. Therefore, militarily, we must stand on two legs. 80 percent of citizens in Europe support this too.”

Asked whether Kyiv could still win, Sikorsky said he was especially looking at it.


“Today, Ukrainians have a completely different military potential, half the world is behind them and they have very good weapons,” – he noted.

As the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry emphasized, only the language of force understands ways.

“Thinking this way, he is following the path of the Soviet Union. The USSR was defeated because it started an arms race with the West until it collapsed. Now the paths are rivaling that of half the free world, he can’t win.” – he added.


Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticized Putin and called his interview ridiculous.

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Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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