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The life of the royal family has never been so dangerous: what awaits the grandchildren of cancer patient Charles III

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The British royal family has released alarming news: King Charles III has cancer. This was discovered while the monarch was in hospital for prostate surgery. It is not yet known what type of cancer he has. The 75-year-old man is already undergoing treatment and will refrain from any public appearances in the near future. His absence, among others, will be compensated by Prince William.

Charles’s eldest son has already endured several difficult weeks: his wife Kate is also unwell and is now recovering from surgery. They say she will not be able to attend Easter meetings. So the 41-year-old took time off to support his wife and look after their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

On Wednesday, February 7, this timeout ended. Prince William attended the meetings again for the first time. In the morning he presented medals and orders, and in the evening he appeared at a charity event. The fact that he will likely also have to act as a surrogate father for the foreseeable future could impact his children as well. This may mean that George, Charlotte and Louis will not be able to receive the usual attention from their father and grandfather.

Suddenly, all of his and Kate’s carefully laid plans that prioritized the well-being of their children were in jeopardy. – writes Chief Editor Daily Mail Richard Kay. – Life in the British royal family’s goldfish bowl has never been so lonely or so dangerous. For William, the pressure is double as he has to cope with the additional burden while his father undergoes cancer treatment.”.


Previously, FACTS reported on the reaction of world leaders to the news of King Charles’ cancer.



Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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