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Looking for the possibility of confiscation: Lithuania froze the property of Russians and Belarusians in the amount of 80 million euros

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The Lifosa plant is one of the most famous Lithuanian companies, whose property, funds and shares are frozen, since its indirect owner, Russian oligarch Andrei Melnichenko, was included in the sanctions list. In general, due to the imposed sanctions against Russia and Belarus, the property of 15 companies and one individual was frozen in Lithuania. The total value of the frozen property is 80 million euros, reports LNK.

First you need to find connections. As for the sanctions or the people who fell under the sanctions, it does not happen that enterprises are managed through the same companies. Establish different companies to cover up”– told reporters Deputy Head of the Financial Crime Investigation Service Audrius Valejko.

Even the official data on 80 million frozen property in Lithuania is not final. As the head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, Laurynas Kasciunas, told LNK, a lot of lawyers will be sent to look for ways to make money on this if, for example, someone decides to lift sanctions in a few years.

Another question is whether it will be possible to not only freeze this property, but also confiscate it? Here the decision must be taken by the whole of Europe. To have a legal basis, we need a European level. So that we have the opportunity not only to freeze property, but to confiscate it and then use it. While there is no final decision on how to do this“, – said Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Jovita Neljupsienė.

Earlier wrote that the European Commission wants to play a key role in restoring war-ravaged Ukraine. The German Marshall Fund proposes an American-led agreement.

Author: Victoria MIKITYUK

Source: Fakty

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