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Another strange death: 46-year-old Deputy Minister of Education of Russia died on board the plane

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In Russia, there was another mysterious death of an official. The 46-year-old Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Petr Kucherenko died suddenly. He was returning from a business trip to Cuba. On board the plane, Kucherenko suddenly became ill, CNN reports.

The liner made an emergency landing in Mineralnye Vody. Local doctors tried to help the official, but were only forced to state his death.

Kucherenko was married to popular singer Diana Gurtskaya. They lived together for 17 years. She stated that the cause of the man’s death was probably heart problems. There are no autopsy results yet.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin knew nothing about the reasons for the sudden death of the deputy minister.

And journalist Roman Super, who left Russia shortly after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, said in his blog that he spoke with Kucherenko shortly before his departure.

Peter confessed to him that he was afraid for his safety, and urged Roman to flee the country.

“Save yourself and your family! Drive as fast as you can. You can’t even imagine the level of rudeness in our state. In a year, Russia will not be recognized. When you leave, you will do the right thing, Kucherenko told him.

Roman asked if Peter himself was going to go.

“I no longer have that opportunity. Our passports were taken away. And today there is no place in the world where they would be happy to receive the Russian Deputy Minister after this fascist invasion,” Kucherenko answered him.

Peter admitted that he takes antidepressants and tranquilizers.

“I drink them by the handful. And it doesn’t help much. I practically don’t sleep. I feel terrible. We were all hostages. Nobody says anything. Otherwise, we will all be crushed at once, like a wallet, ” Kucherenko told him.

At least 13 suspicious deaths have been reported among influential Russian officials, businessmen and scientists since the end of February 2022. Some allegedly committed suicide, others died suddenly, although they did not complain about their health.

Earlier it became known that Alla Pugacheva will not be able to say goodbye to her husband Diana Gurtskaya.

Author: Igor KOZLOV

Source: Fakty

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