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“Measures are better to accept Ukraine into NATO”: Kissinger explained why this is important

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Influential American politician, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reiterated that the responsibility for the Russian invasion of Ukraine lies not only with Vladimir Putin. In an interview with the weekly Die Zeit on May 25, Mr. Kissinger noted:

I don’t think all the fault lies in the way. The war itself is very ruthless, the attack must be repelled, and I support the Ukrainian and Western resistance. But back in 2014, in an essay, I expressed serious doubts about the plan to invite Ukraine to join NATO. This began a series of events that ended in the war“.

This does not justify the war, but I thought then and still think that it would be stupid to combine the entry of all the former countries of the Eastern Bloc into NATO with the invitation of Ukraine to also join the alliance.‘, Kissinger said.

Personally, he proposed to maintain a neutral status for Ukraine. In his opinion, Ukraine should have becomebridge between two sides“.

Now, Kissinger notes, everything has changed.

There are no more neutral zones between NATO and Russia. The West is better off accepting Ukraine into NATO. This ensures that conflicts that may arise again after the end of this war or as a result of a peace agreement will not be resolved by unilateral attacks.“said the former secretary of state.

Recall that the possibility of Ukraine’s entry into NATO was first discussed at the alliance’s summit in 2008. Then German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy blocked calls from other allies in the North Atlantic bloc to accept Ukraine as soon as possible. They referred to the need to take into account Russian interests.

It is noteworthy that in a recent interview, Angela Merkel said that even today she does not consider her position to be erroneous.

Author: Igor KOZLOV

Source: Fakty

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