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Enemy missile attack on Kyiv: drone debris damaged the roof of the mall

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On the night of Friday, May 26, for the second day in a row, Russian invaders attacked from the air a number of regions of Ukraine, including Kyiv – all objects in the sky over the capital were shot down.

As reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration (KMVA), the roof of a shopping and entertainment center in the Obolonsky district of the capital was damaged by debris – without fire and critical damage.

“Individual fragments fell right on the territory of the mall. There are no previous casualties. The information is being specified. Cars were damaged in a parking lot in another part of the district.”– noted in the KMVA and added: “In the Shevchenkivskyi district, a piece of debris fell on a private house. Roof and window damaged. There is no preliminary information about the victims. The data is being updated.”

It is noted that this night the attack was carried out by Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Caspian region, probably by Kh-101/555 cruise missiles.

Recall that last night, within a few hours, the enemy launched 36 UAVs in Ukraine, all of them were destroyed.

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Author: Irina GAL

Source: Fakty

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