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Former Playboy Model Reveals Her Sexual Relationship With Donald Trump

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Former Playboy Model Karen McDougal is one of the women whose silence Donald Trump tried to buy. The odious politician and businessman objects that he had a long-term relationship with a fashion model. Yes, a short affair, which he supposedly forgot about right there. Karen, now 52, ​​told her story in an interview with British newspaper The Daily Mail.

By the way, MacDougal shared her story with reporters for the second time. The first time was unsuccessful. The American tabloid paid her 150 thousand dollars on the condition that she would not tell anyone else about the details of her relationship with Trump. Karen agreed, but the material was never published. It happened at the height of the 2016 presidential election campaign. As you know, Trump then won the election. His opponent was Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, porn star Stormy Daniels received 130 thousand dollars for silence. Now Trump is taking the rap for it. He has been formally charged with a criminal offense – he spent the money for Stormy as expenses for lawyer services and thereby distorted tax reporting.

With MacDougal, Trump seems to have acted more evasively.

So what happened between a successful married businessman and a fashion model for a men’s magazine?

Karen reveals that she met Donald at a Playboy party. It was 17 years ago. It was a real romance. Their relationship lasted at least 10 months.

I was in love with him, and I have him. He himself constantly confessed his feelings to me. He introduced me to all his friends..” McDougal recalls.

During the first meeting, he ran after me like a puppy. Everyone was trying to get my attention. This began to notice the other participants in the party. Trump asked his bodyguard to take my phone number. He called me a few days later and invited me to dinner. At first I felt ashamed – I knew that he was married. But then I didn’t care…”Karen says.

Dinner ended in bed. Everything was great, but then Trump suddenly offered her money. MacDougal was offended. She didn’t want to see him anymore.

But Trump was persistent. In the end, she again accepted his invitation to dinner.

Karen set him a condition – she herself would pay for hotel rooms and tickets if they went somewhere together. Donald agreed. But soon he began to give her cash. She waved her hand.

In their relationship, she was annoyed that Trump constantly boasted about his affairs with other women. McDougal didn’t want to believe those stories. However, Karen began to realize that she was not alone with Donald.

She decided to end the affair with him under pressure from her mother. She was only six days older than Trump and constantly told her daughter about it. And then Karen met Bruce Willis. The actor was younger, more attractive, and even single.

McDougal announced to Trump that they were breaking up relations. She did it over the phone. Trump was angry. He couldn’t stand being rejected.

At first, he tried to convince Karen to rekindle their romance. Then he began to tell his acquaintances that it was he who left MacDougal because he was tired of her. Karen started having problems with her career. She suspects that Trump had a hand in this.

My life has changed. On the one hand, I lost my job, my friends. On the other hand, I became stronger. If I met Trump on the street today, I would casually say hello to him and move on”, says Karen McDougal.

Earlier, FACTS wrote that Trump’s former lawyer and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is accused of sexual harassment.

Author: Igor KOZLOV

Source: Fakty

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