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“Putin destroyed the army”: a new Prigozhin has appeared in Russia

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The owner of a Russian private military company sharply criticized the military leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as Vladimir Putin, which reminded many of the rhetoric of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Journalist Denis Kazansky published excerpts from an interview with one of the leaders of the small PPK Paladin, Georgy Zakrevsky, on his YouTube channel. In his opinion, the current Russian government is not capable of achieving success in the war against Ukraine.

“The failure of a special military operation (this is what Russian propaganda calls the invasion of Ukraine. – Auto.) — This is the personal fault of the president of the aggressor country. They told us a lot about the army, how powerful and magnificent it is. All these wonderful reports… Where are our guns? Where are all the weapons that have no competitors? – asks Zakrevsky.

According to him, during the invasion of Ukraine in Russia “nothing succeeded”. More and more: the authorities lie all the time. He also said that Vladimir Putin destroyed the Russian army.


“This person is responsible for everything that happens in the country,” – said Zakrevsky.

He also noted systemic problems in the Russian economy.


“For a long time we were told that our country was rising from its knees, that its industry was developing. It turned out that there was nothing: no industry, no economy. We do not produce regular toilet paper. We do not produce gearboxes for cars that were invented and produced in the world 70 years ago.” – added the Russian, who has already been dubbed “the new handsome one.”

Let us recall that on August 23 of this year the founder, as well as other leaders of Wagner, including Dmitry Utkin, died in a plane crash in the Tver region. According to most analysts, their death was the Kremlin’s revenge for the June riot and march on Moscow. Previously, Prigozhin had repeatedly criticized, in particular, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Putin for failures at the front in Ukraine.



Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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