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Artificial intelligence confirms that Putin uses doubles

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The Japanese TV channel TBS, using the latest artificial intelligence to study facial and body movement recognition, came to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin uses at least two doubles (the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense believes that there are three). The same conclusion was made by specialists from the laboratory of the Institute of Audio Communications of Japan, having studied several public speeches of the Russian president.

Artificial intelligence analyzed Putin’s facial features, gait and speech at several of his public appearances in recent months. The report concluded that the master of the Kremlin this year held the annual victory parade on Red Square on May 9. But the Crimean Bridge was inspected by a double 11 months ago. Artificial intelligence technology found this pair to be only a 53% match.

A study of Putin’s other appearance – on the front lines in Mariupol in March – showed a 40 percent match. A number of other “publications” can boast only 18% similarity.

The report of Japanese experts concludes: “Expert analysis clearly shows a high probability of at least two doppelgängers.”


This study only confirms rumors that have been circulating for several years – Vladimir Putin is actively using doubles. Moreover, recently they have often begun to appear instead of the original, even at meetings at the highest level.

For example, Putin’s double is said to have visited Astana in mid-November, which angered Kazakh President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev.


Recently, a new rumor has appeared, and it is confidently gaining an ever larger audience. It is alleged that the real Vladimir Putin died of a heart attack on October 26. However, his inner circle hid the fact of the dictator’s death in order to maintain power in their hands.

And the country is now ruled by the chairman of the Russian Security Council, 72-year-old Nikolai Patrushev.


This was first reported by the well-known Telegram channel “General SVR,” which constantly leaks Kremlin gossip online.

Then his famous critic, Professor Valery Solovey, confidently announced Putin’s death. Both sources name the same date of death (October 26), the cause (heart attack or heart attack), and also claim that the dictator’s body is kept deep frozen in one of the rooms of the Valdai Palace.

Other sources provide indirect evidence that this information is correct.

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, recently, out of the blue, issued a refutation regarding the sharp deterioration in Putin’s health. Previously, the Kremlin simply ignored any rumors on this topic.

Then Patrushev literally stunned the audience by delivering a eulogy for Putin, speaking about him in the past tense.

“Tired of the bad 1990s, Russian society was waiting for a solution to economic problems and strengthening of security. What was needed was a leader who could put the welfare of the population at the top of the agenda, show the highest human and organizational qualities, freedom and dedication. Such a leader was Putin, who first served as prime minister, then was elected president and, according to the constitution, became chairman of the Russian Security Council. He knew in detail the state of affairs in the country and had a clear program of action,” – said Patrushev.

A new rumor is about the upcoming presidential elections in Russia. Those in power will now put up a Putin double. They understand that the electorate is not ready to accept the news of the leader’s death. And then, after another victory, which no one doubts, Patrushev will gradually push his son Dmitry, who is now 46 years old, up the mountain.

Earlier, journalist Yuliana Yapparova explained how rumors about incurable diseases and the death of a dictator could benefit Ukraine.


Author: Igor KOZLOV, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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