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A postage stamp with a funny mistake sold for $2 million.

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To mark the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a postage stamp with Putin was issued. Well, in the world, philatelists are willing to pay huge amounts of money for miniature images on paper, which are of no interest to most people. In November, at an auction in New York, an old postage stamp with a stupid mistake was bought for $2 million!

Among collectors, this stamp is known as the “inverted Jenny”. It was released in the USA in 1918. The face value of the stamp was 24 cents. Sheets of stamps were distributed around the country, but soon postal workers noticed that the Curtiss JN-4 airplane, affectionately known as the “Jenny,” was mistakenly depicted shaking upward.

The stamp was quickly recalled, but approximately 100 stamps with the error managed to go into circulation. How many of them ultimately survived to this day, no one can say for sure. That’s why the “reverse jenny” is so valuable.

It was put up for auction by Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries. The stamp was bought by a famous collector, 76-year-old Charles Heck.


Of course, this is not the most expensive stamp in the history of philately. The record belongs to the British Guiana brand, which sold nine years ago for $9.5 million.

However, Heck, having paid $2 million for the “inverted Jenny,” still set a record. It became the most expensive postage stamp issued in the United States.


It is noteworthy that Charles’ collection already has two such brands. He purchased the first “inverted Jenny” at the very beginning of the 21st century for about 300 thousand dollars. The second American bought it in 2007 for almost a million dollars.

Heck emphasizes that the third stamp is much better preserved than the ones he acquired earlier. She has her own interesting story. Its first owner, having learned that all such stamps were withdrawn from circulation, immediately put his copy in a bank safe. There she lay until 2018, practically never seen in the world. Therefore, the paper remained light and the colors saturated. Charles intends to continue to keep the stamp in the safe.


Let us remind you that the Ukrainian postage stamp with the Russian ship sent has become a rarity.


Author: Igor KOZLOV, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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