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Well settled down: it became known how many Ukrainians in Germany have already found a stable job

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Since the beginning of the Russian aggressive war, more than a million Ukrainians have fled to Germany. They found here protection from the war in their homeland. During this time, 125 thousand of them found a job. Even more are preparing for this at integration and language courses, according to the website of the German federal government.

According to a recent study by several institutions, refugees have a high level of education compared to the population of their country of origin. Almost three-quarters have higher education. According to the Federal Employment Agency, in November 2022, about 125 thousand people of Ukrainian origin had a job for which social insurance contributions were paid. This is about 67,000 more than before the start of the war in February 2022. 21,000 people also worked on the mini-robots.

The federal government is confident that even more refugees from Ukraine will start working in the future. Of the able-bodied Ukrainians, 135,000 completed the integration course in January. 47,000 receive school, vocational or university education. These people will increasingly lighten the load on the German labor market. Many have professions that require university education.

About 80 percent of adults who fled the war with Ukraine are women. Almost half of them came to Germany with minor children, the study says.

About 204 thousand children and young people go to school in Germany. A significant proportion of preschool children attend kindergartens.

Recall that since June last year, Ukrainians who left for Germany can receive basic payments. Contact points are employment centers. Here you can get help from a single source: access to integration and language courses, the labor market, as well as support in organizing childcare.

Author: Victoria MIKITYUK

Source: Fakty

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