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Chase near Kiev: a drunk driver was running away from the police at a speed of 140 km/h (video)

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In the Belotserkovsky district of the Kyiv region on March 18, an emergency occurred with a drunk driver – a local resident visited the police station in Rakitnoye already in a state of intoxication, after which … he got behind the wheel. Law enforcement officers, who noticed the offense, tried to stop the driver, however, the driver did not comply with the demand of the police.

The driver was driving through the village at a speed of more than 140 km/h, which exceeded the permitted traffic in the village by more than 90 km/h, which posed a danger to other cars and pedestrians.

According to the police of the Kyiv region, law enforcement officers caught up with the driver in the village of Ostrov, demanded to get out of the car and not create an emergency situation on the road. In response, they heard only obscene language addressed to them, so they were forced to detain the violator.

During the arrest, the driver suffered a leg injury and was taken to the hospital by the police, but there he refused a medical examination in the presence of witnesses and doctors.

In the end, the police drew up administrative protocols against the driver for driving while intoxicated, for resisting police officers, for failure to comply with stop orders and for disorderly conduct.

Recall that last year in a similar situation, a drunk driver near Kiev knocked to death a child from Kherson, who, together with his parents, found refuge in the Kyiv region.

Author: Yulia LUGOVA

Source: Fakty

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