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They dream of a vassal state: it became known about the Kremlin’s plans for Moldova

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been fears that Moldova could be Russia’s next target. Now there are reports of an explosive Kremlin strategy document. The plan was leaked to several international media outlets, including the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), NDR and WDR, who reported that the plan was apparently developed in the summer of 2021 and contains specific steps on how the Kremlin wants to promote pro-Russian currents in Moldova. in three stages until 2030 and at the same time prevent the country from orienting towards the West, towards NATO and the European Union.

The document probably comes from the same Kremlin experts who prepared the plan for the creeping incorporation of Belarus with Russia. However, Moscow’s plan for Moldova is aimed not so much at integrating the country into a union state dominated by Russia, but at creating a vassal state that obeys the will of the Kremlin.

A senior Western intelligence officer who read both documents told SZ that Moscow’s target was in Moldova. “strengthening pro-Russian influence in the country”. Russia is considering the country “more like a pro-Russian buffer”than as part of a new Russian empire, the Kremlin apparently wants “put a stop sign in the direction of the West” And “by any means to prevent the country’s membership in the EU and NATO”.

In recent weeks, there has been growing concern about the possible overthrow of the government in Moldova. In early March there were violent riots. In the capital Chisinau, thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against the country’s pro-Western government.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu also spoke about Moscow’s plan to provoke violent riots and attacks on Moldovan government institutions and disguise them as protests.

“The goal is to turn the constitutional and legitimate order into an illegitimate one, so that Russia can use Moldova in its war against Ukraine,” she said.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Nicolae Popescu, announced the plans of the Russians to attack the airport in Chisinau.

Author: Victoria MIKITYUK

Source: Fakty

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