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Hidden video cameras were installed: six Russian spies were arrested in Poland

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In Poland, which announced the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine, a spy scandal erupted. Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky held a special press conference on the arrest of six people on suspicion of spying for Russia. He confirmed that employees of the Republic’s Internal Security Agency found hidden cameras at the most important railway junctions. The cameras recorded the movement of trains and transmitted the data to the Internet. Their discovery made it possible to stop the activities of the spy group.

So far, the Polish authorities have not named which country these six are citizens of. The Polish radio station RMF FM calls them “foreigners from the eastern border”. But they worked for the Russian special services.

According to the radio station, we are talking about dozens of surveillance cameras. They were mainly installed on railway tracks in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and in the area of ​​the Rzeszow-Jasenko airport, which is actively used for the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine.

The site is considered so important that the US Army has deployed Patriot air defenses to guard it. It was at this airport that US President Joe Biden landed to then go on a visit to Kyiv.

Former Deputy Head of the Polish Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW), Colonel Maciej Matszk, told RMF FM: “The information collected by the cameras can be used to take countermeasures, including sabotage, sabotage, destruction. The Russians did it, do it and will do it. We all saw, for example, the bombing attack on a munitions factory in the Czech Republic.”

According to the radio station, after the arrest of espionage suspects, the security of the most important Polish infrastructure facilities was strengthened.

Over the past year, the Polish secret services have already arrested several people accused of spying for Russia. In addition, now Belgium is investigating the case of a Russian spy ship, and Russian diplomats are being expelled from the Netherlands for espionage and human rights violations.

Author: Igor KOZLOV

Source: Fakty

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